What is Kijiji?

Kijiji is a social platform designed for moms of color.  Its goal is to create safe spaces for moms of color.  Our mission is three-fold, to create safe places for moms of color,

To create a platform and resources for moms of color that support them and their children on all fronts.

To raise intelligent, strong, resilient children that are uniquely equipped to cope with and maneuver through the challenges that come along with being a person of color in America and abroad. 

Is Kijiji a membership or subscription service? Will there be a free version of Kijiji?

We are still formalizing the member model for Kijiji, which is why it is so critical for moms to sign up during our membership drive pre-launch.  Our member counts leading up to launch will ultimately driving what will ultimately become the experience for all moms.  We know that we have strength in numbers and are working diligently to create low cost and free subscription options to all moms but especially moms in need.  As a minimum all moms that sign up pre-launch will receive at minimum their first year free.  So be sure to sign up prior to our app launch.

After Launch, what can we expect from the app?  How will the platform function?

The Kijiji app will be highly interactive with open conversations around trending topics and the challenges and rewards of motherhood.  Kijiji provides opportunities for moms to share knowledge, ask questions, decompress and recharge, just think Disney, online for moms… the “happiest place” on earth.  A place where moms of color can be valued, seen, and heard. 

Will the Kijiji app connect to other social platforms like Facebook and Instagram to allow for easier posting?

Yes, once complete the Kijiji app will allow for posting on both Facebook and Instagram.

When is the Kijiji App expected to launch?

As it stands the app will go into beta testing this fall.  We wanted to allow for flexibility in the final design and functionality of the app based on feedback and engaging with moms through our social pages prior to launch. We strive to empower moms of color with a platform and resources to support them at every phase of their lives and the lives of their children.

How do I become a contributor and/or an influencer for the Kijiji app and social pages?

Kijiji is somewhat unique in that our primary focus is to give voice to everyday moms.  Therefore, the bulk of the content will be sourced by open content calls to moms.  So please be sure to keep an eye out for posts requesting content and submit early and often.   In terms of influencers and medical professionals associated with the Kijiji brand, feel free to message us for more details.  Please keep in mind that we go to these lengths to protect and preserve the integrity of the community as we work to build stronger communities and raise brighter, more resilient, more successful children with each generation we serve.